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There has been much talk lately about e-learning and e-learning platforms, but what exactly is e-learning? This is a term used to define all forms of electronically supported transfer of skills and knowledge, i.e. learning and teaching. Content is delivered via the internet, multimedia devices (MP3, video, CD-Rom) or satellite TV, and it can also involve an online instructor to guide the students through the learning process.

Learning platforms are a tool with which to deliver this content. E’learning brings along enormous benefits to its users. These include instructor free, anywhere, anytime learning. It also brings in flexibility to change the content to suite different situations. Corporations and institutions can monitor the benefits of E’learning and regular reports can be sent to the benefits of the organizations top management. Companies all over the world have witnessed enormous returns on their investments in to E’learning solutions. S3 Global Technologies creates E’learning solutions for different organizations. These solutions could be generic in nature or could address specific needs of clients.

S3 Global Technologies provides the following E’learning services to its clients: 

  • Design of E’learning courses.
  • Design and development of E’learning products such as CBTs, WBTs. Simulators and online testing modules etc.
  • Consulting support to analyze, select, customize, test and implement applications to implement Learning Management System, Learning Administration System, Learning Content Management System, Online Testing System etc.
  • Audit of E’learning application and products 


  • Making Effective CBTs and WBTs, customized for the internal training requirements of the organization.
  • Consulting Organizations for charting out an E’learning road map for their organization.

Hosting the E'learning solutions for an organization on to a Learning Management System.

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