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S3 Global Technologies process was developed by our team of experts and is the outcome of many years of industry experience and hundreds of successful projects. We believe that through a well defined process and the use of process management technologies, it is possible to deliver well-managed software projects that result in more predictable outcomes, higher customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. 

The quality assurance policy of S3 Global Technologies aims at maintaining superior development quality. Being a key to safe development process, QA covers a number of activities, and namely continuous monitoring of all project stages for safe and smooth development and taking respective measures for quality enhancement. 

In S3 Global Technologies we have elaborated and implemented a powerful QA strategy that fits all development processes, irrespective of depth, scope, and required time and effort. It includes standards, procedures and methods to be performed at all project development stages, and ensures achievement of the anticipated quality level. 

Very often Quality Assurance is treated as a notion implying inherently testing procedures. In contrast to our competition, At S3 Global Technologies, we believe that taking measures to minimize the number of problems arising in frames of the development process is far cheaper and more effective than active fighting against the software bugs. S3 Global Technologies applies modern approaches to ensure software high-quality level at all stages of its life-cycle. We feature expertise in development of projects of various scope that include both custom software development and product development. As a result, in every case we can select the correct strategy allowing to reach high quality level, taking into account the peculiar features of the given project. Besides, S3 Global Technologies provides the service of testing the software developed by other companies. 

In the first place S3 Global Technologies is guided by Agile as the most effective modern development approach that combines high development pace, cost efficiency and high quality level. In terms of QA it implies the following: 

  • Open dialogue with the customer that provides for the deep insight of respective business goals, as the proper software product shall successfully solve the definite business goals
  • Close interaction between test engineers and developers for the sake of defining what and how shall be tested
  • Support of cycle development in terms of QA, provision of the necessary infrastructure, tools, etc.
  • Involvement of QA specialists into all stages of software solution life-cycle
  • Maximal automation of testing processes
  • Urge towards the quality of the whole team 

With the object of testing and ensuring cycle development, we apply Test Driven Development approach to win a larger number of our projects. It means that first the set of program tests is developed to cover all software key functions, being sort of documentation for the above. And then the immediate functionality is implemented that shall successfully operate on the tests developed earlier. It helps to manage the following issues: 

  • avalanche-like bug detection at the final stage, intrinsic to waterfall approaches
  • lost functionality due to simple failure of respective tests
  • expensive repeated testing in view of minor alterations introduced, as most tests are automated and run very quickly 

S3 Global Technologies can render the following QA services: 

  • QA as part of software development process
  • Independent testing of the third party software solution
  • Dedicated testing team created to solve customized tasks set by the client
  • Automated testing of the third party application involving such tools as Silktest and QTP
  • Load testing
  • Integration testing 

S3 Global Technologies QA and testing advantages: 

  • Thorough and flexible QA strategy
  • Full spectrum of QA and testing services
  • Reliable solutions of high quality
  • Continuous quality enhancement
  • Time to market and cost reduction

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