S3 Global Technologies is a vibrant global System Integrator, offers the finest technology solutions and services that help our clients address complex business challenges and transform their business for growth. Our mission is to solve business problems through the implementation of real world solutions.

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From End Customers to Independent Software Vendors, outsourcing software product engineering services to technology firms has increased for economic and strategic reasons. Myriad of challenges faced, higher cost of acquisition, demand for diversified technology resources for a shorter period and dynamic delivery models at a fraction of margin has forced enterprises to look for outsourcing software product engineering and maintenance service to competent technology companies like S3 Global Technologies. S3 Global Technologies with sound experience on product engineering enables their partners to achieve planned strategic goals of outsourcing such services with best practices of product engineering services and delivery models. 

S3 Global Technologies has a range of Software Services in its portfolio to meet ever-changing requirements of global customers. With our unique approach, we aim to deliver quality IT services at the right price. 

S3 Global Technologies provides skilled architects with the knowledge of today’s operating environments, engineers with specific, deep technical knowledge, project managers with experience in getting projects done in a global environment, and teams skilled in the latest software product engineering methodologies. It provides comprehensive software product engineering, software product testing and quality engineering services as well as open source expertise to accelerate development of software products and reduce time to market. 


The software enterprise does what it does best - identify market needs and generate ideas to develop a new product. S3 Global Technologies team is capable of understanding these ideas and translating them into the world-class products that are ready for market. We also have the expertise to select the appropriate software product engineering technology for building robust products by using well-defined methodologies. 

At S3 Global Technologies, the complete spectrum of services covers every stage of the software product engineering from creation to support: 

  • Translating product vision or Market Requirements to product definition and requirements
  • Co-define requirements collaboratively with customers - gathering requirements, and prioritizing into various releases, implementing well-defined processes for managing changes to specifications, with built-in mechanisms to resolve requirement conflicts
  • Design and develop products using industry-standard design tools and documentation templates 


  • Accelerate software product engineering and reduce time to market. Architecture best practices and proven processes and methodologies spanning development through quality assurance and testing reduce trial and error during development.
  • Manage projects effectively with predictable cost, time, and resources. We consistently deliver quality on deadline through our proven software product engineering methodologies.
  • Ensure project success with our proven track record of global delivery with skilled project managers, architects, software development engineers, and testing engineers.
  • Ensure quality for software product engineering success with the S3 Global Technologies deep technical experience and expertise in testing, QA and release/build engineering. 


S3 Global Technologies has a structured approach to product development that enables clients to develop leading-edge products, release them efficiently, and reduce operating costs and risks. By employing S3 Global Technologies unique product development and engagement methodologies, our clients deliver on their software innovation goals. 

S3 Global Technologies offers the complete suite of software product engineering services to accelerate product development and drive innovation. Our product development methodologies and processes deliver high quality software, reducing overheads and a high visibility to customers. 

We deliver true business value through strategic software development. We use our time-tested delivery model, which is based on our years of expertise in developing highly complex software technology solutions. This model ensures flexibility and certainty to optimize your software development. 

With our focused product development approach we have the capability to handle the entire product development and engineering lifecycle from conceptualization to deployment covering the full span of product development engineering. 

We also do Architecture Blueprinting where S3 Global Technologies architecture and design team focuses on creating solutions that are extensible, scalable, adaptable to change, maintainable and would remain current and competitive in the foreseeable future. From architecting solutions that are service oriented to legacy modernization to SaaS enablement, S3 Global Technologies designs are pragmatic and provide the value that customers look for. 


The main objective behind every business is maximizing sales revenue and profit margins. Product Management bridges the gap between business teams and engineering or implementation teams. 

S3 Global Technologies’s product management services aims at providing unparalleled product value and superior benefits over client deliverables. Planned product management service helps in product sustainability and maximizes the profit. 

Product implementation and maintenance without a proper product management may not always lead to a sustainable and profitable product development. S3 Global Technologies helps clients in turning business ideas into products that can reap profit from the market. 

Building great products collaboratively is the core offering of S3 Global Technologies’s Product Management services. Through a broad range of services tailored to all stages of product life cycle, cross functional unification and efficient management of product development processes, highly dependable products are developed for clients. Working as an extended arm of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) the world over, S3 Global Technologies’s Product Management services leverage a vast knowledge pool of technical and domain expertise. 

By leveraging S3 Global Technologies’s technology and domain expertise, the Product Management services enable clients to seamlessly create, control and manage their unique products. The wide array of Product Management services offers the following benefits to clients: 

  • A cost-effective extension of client enterprise that helps pure play companies to focus more on core areas.
  • Accelerated time-to-market factor that enables clients to rapidly dispense products in the market.
  • Access to a highly developed support infrastructure that is perfectly aligned with your products and business requirements.
  • Robust and rigorously tuned processes that ensure IP and source code protection. 


Software Prototyping

Prototyping always precedes any writing of codes. Software prototypes are particularly good when they can be used for testing purposes with real users. Prototypes can simulate particular features of the concept/idea/programme under investigation, allowing the software designers to evaluate and modify them. Software prototypes can also be used as demos to show how particular user experiences can be prototyped.

S3 Global Technologies Prototyping Benefits:

  • Clarify requirements
  • Increase understanding of a conceptual system
  • Provide design focus and direction
  • Compare alternative design choices
  • Involve business stakeholders
  • Involve end-users
  • Help visualize and model workflows
  • To identify things that won’t work early
  • To demonstrate how a built system will work
  • To gain support from senior management or investors.

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