S3 Global Technologies is a vibrant global System Integrator, offers the finest technology solutions and services that help our clients address complex business challenges and transform their business for growth. Our mission is to solve business problems through the implementation of real world solutions.

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We provide a full range of services to help customers build, secure and manage world-class IT infrastructures that deliver business value through improved services, higher productivity, and reduced costs. 

By outsourcing your EDI operations to S3 Global Technologies’s fully trained B2B integration experts, users reduce the risk of false starts, delays and project failure. Drawing on hundreds of successful integration projects, our Managed Services teams often plan and implement users’ projects faster than their internal teams, resulting in faster ROI. They also have direct access to customer support and development resources, allowing issues to be rapidly addressed. 

Users maintain control

In most circumstances, the managed system infrastructure is installed on your premises. You can allocate an existing server for the managed system, or, at your discretion, S3 Global Technologies can provide a networked appliance to host your solution, with flexible purchase or lease terms. 

All of your data, integration results, and audit information are available locally. You have real-time visibility, reporting, and notifications for critical business processes, performance and operations. With the ability to turn the managed service arrangement on and off as resources and situation allow, you can control the level of support and associated cost to suit your needs. 

S3 Global Technologies Managed Services teams are assigned to your project only as needed, eliminating the overhead of permanent staff or augmenting your staff during temporary personnel gaps (vacations, leave, etc.). An S3 Global Technologies Managed Services representative is assigned to your account, to provide continuity and ensure in-depth understanding of your systems and integrations.

Supported Implementations

Starting with an up-front audit to document your implementation, S3 Global Technologies’s trained professionals can identify problem areas and address them before they become an issue. And, if issues are encountered, you have a dedicated resource as your single point-of-contact, familiar with your implementation. Further, S3 Global Technologies can provide verbal and written daily and weekly status reports, so you can track progress. 

Programs supported by S3 Global Technologies Managed Services:


  • EDI integration
  • Global data synchronization through the 1SYNC data pool and GDSN
  • XML-based e-Business initiatives
  • Non-standard B2B integrations, using flat files or spreadsheets
  • Web services integration
  • Partner provisioning, configuration and migration
  • Secure communications set-up, operations, and monitoring 


  • XML application integrations
  • Flat-file application interfacing
  • Event-driven database integration
  • Web services integration

Data Operations

  • Day-to-day monitoring and operation of existing S3 Global Technologies-based systems
  • User and technical support training
  • Custom projects and emergency response programs


S3 Global Technologies Network Management Services (NMS) provides a single platform for a wide range of managed services portfolio offering both habitual and pioneering on-demand outsourcing offerings. 

Our Network Management Services covers all functional areas of network management providing end-to-end view of an IT Infrastructure and our expertise followed by a process based approach presents a win-win situation to our client base. 

Network Administration & Management

S3 Global Technologies facilitates an effective and optimized approach to capitalize on network design, application accessibility and recital, trim down or shun downtime. 

With our knowledge and expertise acquired over the years in Network Administration and Management, we assure our clients a problem free networking environment. Our Network Management is a combination of network management tools and technology expertise which provides consistency and reduces outages. 

In the view of both medium and long-term intent, S3 Global Technologies not only helps to lower operational costs, but makes certain that new and latest services, technology expertise and customer satisfaction are integrated in a cost effective manner.


Application Availability and Application Performance Management are critical elements for any business, and constant monitoring of an application with regular performance audits is of utmost importance. 

Application Management and monitoring no longer fall in the scope of an application developer; rather it is the infrastructure team that manages availability, response time, health and performance of an application. Apart from that, aiding end users with enquiries, configuration support requests and underlying IT Infrastructure configuration settings also fall under the purview of an application support team. 

At S3 Global Technologies, we monitor and manage application availability 24*7, handle end user application support and any other back office application operation. 

Our services under Application Management encompass:

  • 24/7 virtual application monitoring
  • 24/7 application infrastructure monitoring
  • End user application support
  • Application infrastructure performance optimization
  • Business service management


Organizations across the world aim to manage their data stores or databases in a more granular and effective manner. More often, all organizations consider and manage databases as a different silo in their IT management portfolio. In this era of hyperactive competition, organizations need to ensure that their databases are up round the clock and are scalable to handle unforeseen loads. 

S3 Global Technologies has several years of experience in managing complex database deployments across the world. With inherent ability to manage IT Infrastructure covering servers and networks, each database incident, event and alarm is thoroughly checked against the performance issues in all other connected IT Infrastructure elements. Our competency provides a single stop solution for our clients who want to analyze the database in totality along with all other IT Infrastructure elements. 

S3 Global Technologies Expertise:

  • 24/7 Database monitoring and support
  • Remote database administration and support services
  • Database performance tuning
  • HA – RAC and data guard support services
  • Database migration services
  • Backup and recovery services


At S3 Global Technologies, Server Management is everything about uptime, availability and optimized performance where we work towards building a server system, which is effective, reliable, secured and cost efficient. 

When it comes to Server Management, we follow a “People-Process-Tool” philosophy. The expertise, experience and exposure of our engineers add on to the service offering. Processes are defined to ensure that the servers undergo a routine checkup on performance bottleneck, resource thresholds & availability, configuration constraints, hardware limitations and various other aspects to assure best possible performance. Tools form an important part of our service and we have evaluated, tested and deployed various server monitoring tools, specific to the business requirement and commercial confines. 

S3 Global Technologies is also continuously focused on building comprehensive server capacity management services by evaluating latest hardware available and the applications suitability with respect to server capacity and infrastructure. 

The core functions around Server Management are:

  • Server monitoring (monitor standard server KPI, extended monitoring)
  • OS level/application level patch management & routine administration
  • Server backup management (windows based or 3rd party backup software)
  • Server consolidation, upgrades and migration services
  • Regular system audits and capacity management


S3 Global Technologies provides an integrated end user IT helpdesk offering. To improve customer service levels and effective value added interactions with the customers; S3 Global Technologies provides round-the-clock services and provides end users with 24/7 technical support for both software and hardware products. We provide help desk services with access through email, voice, web based chat and ticketing tool. 

To improve efficiencies, S3 Global Technologies works with clients to design a specific Service Level Agreement (SLA) to meet their particular support requirements. 

Our IT Help Desk Services typically include:

  • Receiving calls, first-line customer liaison
  • Recording and tracking Incidents and complaints
  • Keeping customers informed on request status and progress
  • Making an initial assessment of requests, attempting to resolve them or refer them to someone who can, based on agreed service levels
  • Monitoring and escalation procedures relative to the appropriate SLA (SLA Management)
  • Managing the request life-cycle, including closure and verification
  • Coordinating second-line and third-party support groups
  • Providing management information and recommendations for service improvement
  • Closing incidents and confirmation with the customer 

S3 Global Technologies provides 3 levels of support which are:

Level1 Support: Support for basic software applications such as desktop productivity tools, web applications and other software. 

Level2 Support: Complex support and subject matter expertise on software applications such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes or Hardware applications and is usually an escalation from Level1 support.

Level3 Support: Support on servers and enterprise network/ hardware related problem reporting, diagnosis, resolution or dispatch. Address network problems such as connecting to servers, LAN, WAN, Mobile, Internet, intranet etc.

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